Why Choose Lights On Tutoring

We Offer High Quality Personalized Tutoring Sessions

Elementary Math

We make math learning fun for your child! We use engaging teaching strategies and motivating activities to develop foundational math skills vital to present and future math success.


Middle School Math

We address foundational math areas that are challenging for your child, while providing instruction in new classroom material. This approach improves math understanding, increases confidence and leads to classroom success.

High School Math

We identify the math skills necessary for success in your child’s math course.  We help students to feel confident in the math material by clearly modeling how to solve problems, providing guided practice during sessions and helping students implement effective at-home practice plans.

Language Arts

Our reading instruction focuses on improving your child’s phonics skills, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension in a fun and motivating way.  Writing instruction is catered to your child’s areas of need in content, organization, grammar and editing.

Organizational &
Study Skills

We will teach your child effective study skills, time management skills, and organizational techniques, which can be used across all subject areas.

Online Tutoring

We offer engaging and personalized online video tutoring. Our online tutoring uses an interactive whiteboard, shared documents and live video streaming.