Personalized Learning:

We cater each tutoring session to your child’s individual needs.  We not only adapt the pace and the focus of the lesson but also the activities we use when tutoring.  This approach optimizes student learning and academic success.

Safe Learning Space:

1-on-1 tutoring gives children the opportunity to ask questions and learn skills/concepts outside of a busy classroom environment.

Homework Help:

If your child struggles with homework, we can incorporate homework completion into the tutoring sessions with the goal of giving your child the skills to confidently, correctly and independently complete future homework assignments.

Increased Confidence:

As children fill in learning gaps and make progress on the current classroom material, they build confidence.  Increased confidence can lead to improved test scores and increased learning motivation.

My name is Elaine Engel Keswick.  I started Lights On Tutoring, Inc. in 2011. I have been working in education (both in a classroom and tutorial setting) since 2005.  My education and experience includes:

  • Masters in Education- University of California, San Diego
  • B.A. Human Development- University of California, San Diego
  • Multiple-subject teaching credential with an emphasis in math instruction
  • Supplementary Math Teaching Credential
  • Teacher Leader for San Marcos Unified School District (2010 – 2012)
  • GATE certified

I am passionate about teaching students by helping them to understand what they are learning, so they can apply their skills to other situations and types of problems.  I have over 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience in many subject areas, particularly in the area of math. This experience helps me to review important past skills with students, while ensuring they make progress with the current classroom material.

Since 2011, I have built relationships with other passionate, experienced and dedicated educators in North County San Diego.  I refer tutoring students to these private tutors when I believe they will be a good fit for a new student. Our students have made incredible progress with these tutors.  Their parents consistently share positive reviews related to both the high level of teaching these tutors provide and the positive progress their children have made.

  • -Elementary Math
  • -Middle School Math
  • -High School Math (all courses)
  • -Language Arts (elementary and middle school levels)
  • -High School English
  • -Organizational and Study Skills
  • -Other subjects available upon request

Yes! We work with many students who receive tutoring in more than one subject area.  We personalize the tutoring sessions to each child’s unique needs.

Since 2011, we have served students with a wide variety of tutoring needs and goals.  We work with students who:

  • -Need 1-on-1 support to fill in learning gaps in order to make progress towards mastering the current classroom curriculum
  • -Benefit from a 1-on-1 learning environment to ask questions and to learn current material in a personalized way without other distractions
  • -Have IEPs and benefit from individualized teaching focused on their unique goals
  • -Would like to improve their course grade
  • -Are in accelerated math (and other) courses and would like some extra practice with the material to ensure success
  • -Need help with organizational and study skills

In most cases, tutoring is done in your home or at a local library. Location depends upon your preference and tutor availability.  We also offer high quality online tutoring.

Tutoring sessions are typically one hour long.  However, we can make adjustments to the length of time, given the individual needs of the student.

Yes, we are happy to offer partner or group sessions.  If there are one or more other students in your child’s class who are also interested in tutoring, please reach out and we can discuss different tutoring options.

Our tutoring sessions are offered at very competitive rates.  Please contact us to learn more about our tutoring services and their associated costs.