Are you a private tutor who is looking to work with additional students? Contact us today!

We have been serving students and families in North County San Diego since 2011. Our goal is to provide the highest quality 1-on-1 tutoring to students.  To help reach this goal, we contract with some of the best private tutors in the area.

We refer students to tutors who demonstrate some of the following characteristics:

  • Have a specific and/or varied subject areas of expertise (math, language arts, languages, science courses and other areas)
  • Work with a specific and/or different student grade levels (from elementary to high school students)
  • Tutor in a student’s home, out of their own home, at the library or via an online platform
  • Are experienced and passionate about helping students learn in an individualized way
  • Have specialty credentials (multiple subject credential, education specialist credential, single subject credential, or others)

If you are an experienced and passionate private tutor who works in the North County area, we would love to work with you! As an independent contractor who works with Lights On Tutoring, you will:


Read testimonials from tutors who have contracted
with Lights On Tutoring

I have loved working for Lights On Tutoring as an independent contractor for many years and have had the very best experience.  Lights On Tutoring truly cares for each and every student. The referrals I get are always for the nicest of families that are matched to my specific skills, subject areas and preferred grade levels.  Elaine is a great communicator. She is always ready to help with any problem and to give great advice. I have had so many positive outcomes over the years and feel like I am a better tutor due to all of the students who have been referred to me coupled with Elaine’s support and encouragement of my tutoring!

Susan, Independent Contractor Receiving Referred Students Since 2013

Working with Lights On Tutoring for two plus years was a wonderful experience. Students were offered to my schedule, and all relevant information was given to me to make the best decision to see if I was a good fit for their educational needs. If at anytime I needed support with providing services to the students, Elaine was very helpful in providing support and guidance to me, as well as any supplemental materials ideas.

Patricia, Independent Contractor Who Received Referred Students

Student and Tutor