Math Tutoring for 9th - 12th Grade Students in All Courses

We identify the math skills necessary for success in a student’s math course. We help students to feel confident in the math material by clearly modeling how to solve problems, providing guided practice during sessions and helping students implement effective at-home practice plans.

At Lights On Tutoring,

Our effective and engaging instruction will help your child to:

Eliminate Homework Frustration

We can incorporate homework completion into tutoring sessions with the goal of giving students the skills to confidently, correctly and independently complete future homework assignments.

Implement effective at-home practice plans

Beyond the tutoring sessions, we strive to give students the skills to correctly complete nightly homework and to effectively study for classroom quizzes and tests.  We recognize that helping students to both learn and implement these study skills is a critical addition to tutoring sessions that can help raise test scores.

Fill learning gaps

We identify skills and concepts from previous math courses which students have not learned to mastery. Then, we teach, practice and review those skills and concepts until students are able to independently and confidently use them.

Be successful in honors math courses

The honors math courses move very quickly, and the tests require students to apply concepts in new and challenging ways.  Our tutoring allows students to practice many different types of problems and to receive immediate feedback on their work, leading to increased confidence and improved test scores.

Build confidence with new classroom material

Our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions allow students to ask questions in a safe environment free from distractions.  We clearly model how to solve problems, provide practice problems to solve with students and gradually move towards the goal of students successfully and confidently completing problems independently.

Improve quiz and test scores

We are familiar with how the math content is tested.  We can practice with common types of exam questions, which gives students confidence when taking a quiz or test in class.

Consistently and correctly use math procedures

Math procedures can be confusing and difficult for students to recall.  Our goal is to help students make sense of procedures, so the steps are easier for them to remember.  With consistent practice, students build confidence and success with many different procedures.

Check their math work

We help students to find errors in their work and to identify when their answer does not make sense.

Have enrichment opportunities

We can help students extend their understanding of all math concepts and topics in motivating and engaging ways.

We have many years of experience tutoring
high school math courses. We are:

  • Highly skilled in best strategies to teach concepts and skills 
  • Familiar with how the content is tested in the classroom environment, including common types of questions
  • Able to connect with students to provide a safe learning environment
  • Well adept at making the math content more interesting and motivating
  • Experienced with adapting lesson pacing to best fit each student’s needs

Our tutoring strategies optimize learning, build student confidence and ultimately lead to classroom success. 

Please see our FAQ page for more general information about our tutoring sessions.