1-on-1 Language Arts Tutoring for K - 12th Grade Students

Our reading instruction focuses on improving your child’s phonics skills, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension in a fun and motivating way.  Writing instruction is catered to your child’s areas of need in content, organization, grammar and editing.

At Lights On Tutoring, our effective and engaging reading instruction will help your child to:
  • Develop phonics skills
  • Improve reading fluency
    (through sight word and word family recognition)
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Develop reading comprehension strategies
    (for fiction and non-fiction texts)
  • Make connections to the text
  • Cultivate motivation to read independently at home

At Lights On Tutoring, our focused and meaningful writing instruction will help your child to:

  • Brainstorm ideas to develop descriptive and detailed content
  • Effectively use graphic organizers
    (leading to more organized and coherent compositions)
  • Correctly use language conventions
    (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, and grammar)
  • Learn strategies to edit writing pieces

We have many years of experience tutoring language arts.
We are:

  • Highly skilled in best teaching strategies 
  • Able to connect with students to provide a safe learning environment
  • Well adept at making reading and writing practice meaningful and interesting 
  • Experienced with adapting lesson pacing to best fit each student’s needs
  • Knowledgable about at-home strategies to encourage independent reading and writing practice

Our tutoring strategies optimize learning, build student confidence and ultimately lead to classroom success. 

Please see our FAQ page for more general information about our tutoring sessions.